Meal Plans

Pre-pre-Thanksgiving meal plan

I’m calling this my pre-pre-Thanksgiving meal plan. Next week will be my pre-Thanksgiving meal plan, of course. I’m hosting (and I love hosting!), so I’m trying to think ahead and make this week and next easy and inexpensive leading up to the big day. Mostly, I’m planning my meals around what I already have, so I can both save at the grocery store and start stocking up on things I’ll need for next week. For instance, this week, I didn’t need to buy any meat at the grocery store. I’m making two vegetarian meals, and the rest of my meals use meat I have frozen either from leftovers or buying in bulk.

Since I didn’t have to buy meat, I grabbed some non-perishables for Thanksgiving, which allows me to cross a couple things off my Thanksgiving shopping list. I also grabbed an extra pizza dough to keep in the freezer. The most exciting savings-find of my shopping trip was a great sale on the frozen veggies I like. I got 15 bags of frozen, steamable veggies, and 4 bags of frozen, steamable rice, all at a dollar a piece. Even still, my bill this week was way less than usual. It pays to shop your pantry and freezer (and to buy in bulk when you find sales/have coupons so you have a stocked pantry and freezer to shop from)!

Meal Plan:

Monday: Black bean and quinoa Enchilada bake. Simple, delicious, and will give us leftovers or lunch. I bought some prepackaged guacamole to top this with along with plain greek yogurt (in place of sour cream).

Tuesday: Chicken Casserole. I’ll be posting the recipe, but all this meal requires is leftover chicken, a can of cream of mushroom soup, a cup of plain greek yogurt, a bag of frozen broccoli, a bag of microwavable brown rice, and ritz crackers. You can add cheddar to the topping as well, if you like! Check back for the recipe, but basically, you just add everything together and top with the cracker crumbs, then bake for about a half hour on 375 degrees. Easy!

Wednesday: Feast Day of St. Albert the Great! Chicken pot pie. I’m using frozen individual pies, but if you want a good recipe, try this one from my go-to, Ree Drummond.

Thursday: Feast of St. Gertrude. German skillet with mustard cream sauce. I’m improvising here and using a package of chicken sausage from the freezer. Looking forward to trying this new recipe!

Friday: Feast of St. Elizabeth of Hungary. Patron saint of bakers! So I have to make one of my favorite desserts, which I made for the first time on this feast day one or two years ago: Hungarian shortbread. So, so good! As for dinner, we are having chicken patties, which I bought frozen in bulk at BJs. I’ll serve them with cheese on buns, along with a bag of the steamable veggies I bought and veggie french fries.

You might be appalled at the fact that the only meat we are eating this week is chicken four ways, but that simply doesn’t bother us! We love chicken and it’s helping us keep our week cheap and easy, which is always a plus!

Happy feasting!