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Meal Plan October 2-October 6

I’m back with the meal plan for October 2-October 6!

Having just bought our first house, things got a little crazy. Between renovations and still feeling, well, not awesome this pregnancy, I had to take a break. Finally, I feel like we are settling into a routine, so I hope to not only be back to weekly meal plans, but I hope to really start growing the blog from here. (P.S. you can help! Subscribe and share away, my friends!)

Fair warning: my pregnancy cravings work something like this: someone mentions food that sounds good to me, or I see a picture of something that looks tasty and I can’t stop thinking about it until I have it. That being said, that’s the inspiration for a lot of what I’m cooking these days. I’ll still try to keep it as healthy and cheap as possible (with house renovations I’m especially going for cheap). Hopefully, you’ll find yourself craving what’s on my menu as well!

This week, it’s all about fall recipes! This menu is based on cravings, plus sales, plus what I have in the freezer. All in all, it’s a satisfying, yet inexpensive week of food. I hope you enjoy it!

One quick thing: my desktop is still not hooked up yet, so I’m sorry to say I can’t create my grocery lists. They will be back though!

Monday: The Feast of the Guardian Angels. Pumpkin Stroganoff (with chicken sausage). This is a recipe that popped up on pinterest and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since I saw it. It’s a vegan recipe, but, with chicken sausage on sale this week, I’m going to add some of that, which I think will go perfectly with this! I’m also happy that I can celebrate the feast day with the leftover french silk angel food cake I made for the feast of the archangels!

Tuesday: Crockpot honey ham sandwiches with apple butter and cheddar. My sweet pregnant friend mentioned this food, made it for me, sent me home with leftovers, and I’m still craving it! This week, whole and half honey hams are on sale, so I plan to pick one up, put it in the crockpot smothered in brown sugar for 6-7 hours, and then throw it directly into my mouth. . .I mean, into sandwiches for dinner. Bonus: my house will smell amazing! I’ll serve with a side of frozen broccolli (a family favorite) and maybe, if the kids are lucky, some frozen veggie fries- have you guys tried these? They’re awesome!

Wednesday: The feast of St. Francis off Assisi. I just had to go vegetarian today. In honor of my husband, I’m making this brothy autumn vegetable soup. I prefer creamy soups, but Derek loves brothy. Oh well, the things we do for love! Plus, this recipe has butternut squash in it, so I’m sure I’ll be happy! It also has beans, which will give it some protein. I’ll probably serve this up with some super easy Dutch oven bread.

Thursday: Salmon with Tzatziki sauce. Salmon has been on sale pretty frequently around here (no complaints!) so this is a great, easy meal to add to this somewhat heavy week of comfort food. I like to make fish in week like this, when I know I’ll have plenty of leftovers from my other weekly meals to have for lunches the next day, since our lunches are almost exclusively leftovers. I usually serve this with a side of asparagus and rice.

Friday: Risotto. I’m going to use my leftover ham and leeks from the soup to make this leek bacon and pea risotto (using the ham instead of bacon). I got a great deal on a big bag of risotto from BJs and I already have frozen peas in the freezer, so I really only need to pick up a few items for this recipe. It’s a no-brainer this week!

So there you have it! I hope, in addition to your fall meals, you enjoy some fun fall activities. We plan to do some apple picking this week, which, of course, means lots of apple recipes in our future!


4 thoughts on “Meal Plan October 2-October 6

  1. Thank you so much for including my Mushroom Stroganoff recipe in you weekly meal plan, Emily. I am so glad to see that you were intrigued. One of my favorite things to see is how people take my recipes and make them their own. Please let me know how it tastes with the Chicken Sausage. 🙂

    1. Thank you for the comment! It was delicious!! I made it last night and it was great with the chicken sausage, but I could tell it was delicious without it as well. Definitely a keeper-thank you! My one year old was licking the spoon!

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