When you start a food blog and then this happens. . .

On June 12, I published my first meal plan. I was so excited to share my dinner plans and grocery lists every week. Not only was I eager to try new recipes and finally write down my old favorites to share, but I was looking forward to more feast day celebrations! I also had great ideas about various other posts I was planning on working on- a little bit each day. Eventually, I hoped to have posts stored and ready to be posted each week.

But then, this happened. . .

When you start a food blog and this happens

That’s right! This winter we will welcome our third little cutie (we already know he/she is cute based on the early ultrasounds).

How did we feel about finding out we’re having another baby a few short days after our second child’s first birthday and a couple months before our first child’s third birthday?


We are thrilled to add to the family, and I’m excited to have another little mouth to feed.

However, first trimester. . .well, frankly, it has been miserable.

This has, by far, been my most difficult first trimester. I felt sick with the first two, but not this sick. I’ve spent the past couple of months mostly like this:

When you start a food blog and then this happens

In the next couple weeks, I plan to write a post about how I survived the first trimester, so keep an eye out for that. Today, I simply want to. . .I guess, confess.

Once I started feeling sick, I knew I was in trouble with my meal plans. Not only could I not stand to cook, but I really couldn’t even stomach the thought of food in general. Actually, I haven’t even gone grocery shopping in two months. Yesterday was the first day I returned to my beloved Market Basket (don’t judge me, I love that place!) and it was so revitalizing!

I’m glad to say there was only one week that I had to recycle an old meal plan. I knew that having started the meal plans, I had to keep them going, even if they weren’t quite what I wanted them to be. So I had to try to take advantage of the moments I could handle writing them and come up with meals that made sense and recipes that I could stand by. When I couldn’t come up with a recipe I knew was good, I deferred to Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman, because she never let’s me down.

Needless to say, this is not what I had in mind for this blog. Honestly, one of the reasons first trimester is so difficult for me is because it’s a long stretch of time that I can’t do one of the things I really thrive on: plan, prepare, and feed dinner to my family. I’m actually repulsed by the very thing I love so much.

This is a good time to pause and say, there are few things as incredible as seeing a new baby growing in your body. We got two awesome ultrasounds in the first trimester. Yea, at 8.5 weeks, we saw our little baby clearly moving around and being adorable. So, despite the misery and lack of ability to do much of anything, it truly is all worth it. It’s a cliche for a reason, people, because there’s really no other way to put it!

When you start a food blog and then this happens
Just shy of 10 weeks. That’s a little hand up at the mouth. Miraculous.

Anywho! I’m just about officially out of the first trimester now. I’m starting to feel better. In fact, my timer just went off telling me the dinner I prepared today is done. I feel like myself again. I’m excited to finally start making this blog what I’ve always wanted it to be. That means more original recipes, more fun ways to celebrate the feast days, and more non-meal plan posts.

While the timing for starting this blog probably couldn’t have been worse, I’m so encouraged by and grateful for the positive feedback I’ve received about it. I so look forward to growing this blog with you- thank you for reading!

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  1. So beautiful!!! <3
    I can't even imagine trying to do a food blog while pregnant. Major kudos to you! Baby is SO cute!!

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