Meal Plans

Meal Plan July 31-August 4

I’ll admit, this isn’t my healthiest meal plan, but these are great meals, nonetheless. Don’t forget your grocery list! grocery list week 7

Monday: Feast day of St. Ignatius of Loyola. Spanish chicken and rice. You may remember this dish from St. Josemaria Escriva’s feast day. It’s not (only) that I’m a one trick pony when it comes to spanish meals. This meal is just so good! And frankly, it’s cheap and easy- what’s better?! Many of the ingredients are optional, and I specified in the grocery list. Even with omitting the saffron, green olives, and cilantro (I add the lemon but you don’t need to), it’s amazing. This is definitely a budget friendly, time-saving, kick-butt saint celebrating meal!

Tuesday: Feast day of St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguoro. Green Risotto. I once went to a wedding and had the most amazing risotto for dinner. After that, I went on a risotto-cooking frenzy! I made it at least once a week and tried all kinds. Eventually, the hype died down for me and I moved on to other foods. This green risotto, however, has remained a family favorite. I decided to add it here because 1) it’s Italian, to celebrate our wonderful saint, and 2) I needed a vegetarian meal. You can, however, easily add in shrimp, chicken, pancetta, whatever meat you like, really. I know risotto isn’t known for being healthy, but at least this recipe has some yummy greens. It’s a feast day, afterall!

Wednesday: Slow cooker pot roast. I rejoice when I find a slow cooker recipe I actually like. I love using my slow cooker, but honestly, I’m often disappointed with the results. I’ve said it before. I’m telling you, though, I’ll only post winning recipes on my blog, and this was definitely a winner. I literally ate three helpings. The best part? This took me less than five minutes to prepare- no exaggeration- and cost less than $20 altogether. The recipe calls for homemade cream of mushroom soup, but I just bought two cans of Campbells and added a little water. Looking back, I probably didn’t even need to add the water, but it certainly didn’t hurt anything!

Thursday: Feast day of St. John Vianney. Italian Heros. How cute is child St. John Vianney?! He thought priests were heroes, and one day became one himself. I couldn’t help myself, I had to add this to the menu. This is really just a simple Italian sub on a loaf of bread sliced length-wise. Simply layer on your meats, cheese, veggies, hots-if you like, and top with oil and vinegar. Then divide the sandwich to feed the family. Easy, yummy, summer dinner.

Friday: Parmesan broiled haddockThis recipe is technically for tilapia, but I always make it with haddock because I prefer it, plus haddock is on sale this week. You can do what you like, though! This is a break from my traditional haddock recipe, but this is just a quick and simple dish that takes only minutes to cook. Enjoy it with a side salad for an nice light dinner, to finish a, let’s face it, pretty heavy week of meals.