Meal Plans

Meal Plan July 10 – July 14

Good morning everyone! We have a couple exciting feast days this week, which means awesome food to celebrate! Don’t forget your grocery list: grocery list week 5-1

Monday: Shrimp salad. I’m not usually a fan of shrimp. The only time I really like it is when I’m at a hibachi grill. For some reason, shrimp is always good to me there. Occasionally, I like shrimp with a meal, as long as the shrimp is little. I don’t know what it’s all about, just weird taste, I guess. Anyway, tiny shrimp is perfect for a summer salad, so I’m going to give this recipe a try. It calls for large shrimp, but I’m just going to go ahead and get the little guys.

Tuesday: St. Benedict! Breakfast for dinner- Eggs Benedict. Eggs Benedict is my absolute favorite breakfast, but I’d love it for any meal! This is the perfect way to celebrate St. Benedict (but more on that Tuesday). I use an English muffin, regular bacon- I like it better than Canadian, which is the traditional choice for benny- a poached egg and hollandaise sauce. I’ll serve this with a side off baked asparagus and some home fries. If you want it healthier, you can skip the sauce. You could even put the whole thing over salad rather than the English muffin if you prefer- an eggs Benedict salad!

Wednesday: Steak with fried egg and leftover hollandaise sauce. We’ve got a sale on steak again, so I figured this would be a perfect meal to ensure that my hollandaise sauce from the night before doesn’t go to waste. I’ll just season the steak with salt and pepper, cook it up (grilled is probably best) and then either add the sauce right to that or, if I’m up for it, add a fried egg to the top of the steak and then top it with the sauce. I’ll serve with a salad and a baked potato. Yum!

Thursday: Slow cooker Pineapple Chicken. Easy, easy, easy. Three ingredients required: chicken (I like to use boneless skinless thighs in the crockpot because they’re cheap and tasty!), a bottle of BBQ sauce, and a can of pineappple chunks, drained. Add them all to the crockpot, mix, and cook on low for about 6 hours or high for about 4 (I always check the meat with a meat thermometer to make sure it’s done). When it’s done, I mix in a bag of frozen broccoli that I cooked up in the microwave. I like to serve this over sushi rice or white rice but brown would be great, or you could just eat it on it’s own if you’re cutting carbs. Could you think of an easier weeknight summer meal?!

Friday: Saint Katherine Tekakwitha! Indian Tacos on Indian Fry Bread. It felt wrong writing “Indian” instead of “Native American” but everywhere I looked, that’s what this meal was called, so I figured I’d stick with it. Anyway, I’d never even heard of this before researching for this feast day, but I am so excited to try it! It looks awesome. I’m using my go-to Pioneer Woman for the recipe, but I’ll modify the filling to make it vegetarian for Friday. I’ll probably lightly sauté some peppers and onions (grilled would be great!) and add those, black beans, lettuce, tomato, Greek yogurt, salsa and scallions. Yum! Bring on Friday!!

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