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Meal Plan June 3-June 7

Someday, I plan to use almost all of my own recipes for my meal plans. That day is not today, however. This week is all about borrowing some of the great meals I’ve found through my best friend (aka Pinterest). This is a week of celebrations, with feast days and, of course, the 4th of July! So go nuts this week! And eat well!

Don’t forget your grocery list: grocery list week 4

Monday: St Thomas’s feast day! Avocado Black Bean Quesadillas. Something meatless and kind of light to start off a week of otherwise fairly indulgent meals. These quesadillas are delicious and filling, plus they make great leftovers for lunch!

Tuesday: Fourth of July! Hot dogs (or chicken sausage) and Burgers with pasta salad and potato salad. Usually, I wouldn’t recommend both pasta and potatoes as side dishes for one meal. I think the Fourth of July is an exception, however. On this holiday, it only seems right to  have both accompanying some classic burgers and dogs. God bless America!

Wednesday: 3 Ingredient Hawaiian Chicken in the slow cooker. I actually love this with sushi rice, but white or brown rice would work just as well. Toss in some broccoli and you have an easy and tasty summer meal for very little effort!

Thursday: St. Maria Goretti’s feast day! Italian Sausage Tortellini. This is definitely a feast day food! Very rich, quite heavy, but totally worth it. And what a great saint to celebrate as a family!

Friday: Caprese panini on easy homemade bread (or store bought).  Caprese panini are so simple, but surprisingly filling. You can easily buy a loaf of Italian bread or something hearty like Pig’s Fly Bread to use for these. I recommend trying the homemade bread. This is the easiest bread recipe you’ll probably ever see. No need to knead. Just mix the ingredients, let it sit, toss it in a Dutch oven and bake! I recommend mixing the ingredients the night before and then baking in the morning so the bread has time to cool before making panini with it. When mixing the ingredients, try adding some spices like garlic powder (or roasted garlic), italian seasoning, etc. When you’re ready for the panini, I recommend spreading some pesto on both slices of bread, then layer tomatoes on one side, mozzarella cheese, and then drizzle some balsamic vinaigrette and top with the other slice of bread. If you have a panini press, great! If not, press them in a pan on the stove using the bottom of another pan to press down on the sandwhiches. Enjoy!

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